White Cis Beauty Standards

June 27, 2016

This one goes out to the white boy who was so enraged at the mention of "white cis beauty standards" that he told me to go "kill myself".

         Growing up as an Asian-American girl in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, I oggled all day at girls in fashion magazines. I would try to dress like them, do my makeup like them, make the same faces as them, and pose like them for my myspace photos. The only problem was 90% of these girls were white and I looked nothing like them. On top of all the awkward teenage self-doubt that every girl experiences, I wondered why my eyes were so small. I covered them in eyeliner and fake eyelashes and hoped no one would notice. People often complimented me on how natural they looked.

          My whole family lives in China. My parents raised me here but would take me back on trips all the time to try to saturate me with my roots. Chinese beauty standards are a trip. It's hard to find a face cream that doesn't include some type of whitening agent in it. The girls with too much bronzer on their face where their face doesn't match their neck or their hands, it's the opposite in China and most of east Asia. Pale face: brown body.

       Since Mao Ze Dong and all his ideas about "modern China" along with the importation of western project managers and architects, there is major importation of motherfucking European Beauty Standards. If you go out on Huai Hai Lu, a major shopping strip in Shanghai there's Dior, Gucci, and Ferragamo all boasting their huge billboards of some "milky white" beauty.


  Just google Dior.

And count. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


This could just be some extreme exoticism going on, you may say. The backwards thing about this is if you go to Europe, it's the same thing. Almost every high fashion brand has a white woman on their billboard ad in subways, airports, in my phone. If it's a few girls, OK then maaaaybe they make way for a little diversity up in that bitch.


Even if you look on dazed and confused's website.

Forget Huffington post.

Forget the amount of boob cover screenshots on youtube.

Ok I'm going off on a tangent.


Now CIS. Let me address this. PORN IS FUCKED.

Can I get some motherfucking girl porn up in this bitch that I don't have to pay for?

How many POV's are from the girl's perspective?

Why is there no gay porn on the first page?

It's 2016 why the fuck is there only one light-skinned black girl on the first page and why the hell is she being referred to as "BROWN SUGAR"?

This escalated quickly.

I'm gonna stop before some dumb ass boy tells me to go end my life again.



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